Alagene, as a fully equipped contract research organization, offers an End-to-End solution for all aspects of Synthetic biology tools and instrumentations, based on the Design, Build, Test and Learn.

Take a look on our full portfolio

take a look on our full portfolio

Computational biology & AI

With synthetic biology encompassing the worlds of biotechnology, molecular biology and engineering, biophysics, chemical and biological engineering, and electrical and computer engineering – to name just a few fields – the sky’s the limit when it comes to potential applications of these breakthroughs.

HTS & novel automation tools

After the design phase, it is important to quickly build and scan multiple strains automatically. Alagene provides High Throughput Screening (HTS) and other novel automation tools to support the build and testing phases. These services are based on solid knowhow and IP that we continue to develop based on specific customer needs.

Proteomics & metabolomics

In order to gain crucial insight into Synthetic Biology (SynBio) products during their development and optimization phases, we provide automatic, highly sensitive analysis of proteins and other molecules. Some of these molecules are the bioproduction targets, they could be crucial enzymes, intermediate essential products or known by-products of the biological pathways. Within the proteomics portion Alagene covers protein expression, purification and characterization in microorganisms, plants and mammalian cells, from basic chassis to novel ones, including customer specific requirements.

Bio-production of molecules & novel materials

A large and growing area in SynBio is the usage of organisms and cell-free systems as small factories for various molecules and novel materials. Alagene will take you all the way from an idea to a proof of concept including fermentation in order to enable a theoretical idea of bio-production to a real economical, sustainable process.

Bio-Convergence & biosensors

As with every new engineering field, SynBio should be combined with other engineering fields such as electronics, mechanical, chemical and software. This definition of bio-convergence is part of Alagene’s vision. For example: a detection system monitoring water quality should combine existing sensors and mature engineering infrastructure with innovative biosensors that provide unique solutions for a wide spectrum; from general alert tasks to very specific detection purposes (e.g. specific pathogens or toxic molecules).

Holistic BD

Any new idea in SynBio is a challenge not only from a technological point of view, but also requires professional holistic Business Development (BD), including: bioethics, regulation, pre-production, public opinion and more.

Scale up

Bio-production challenges exist all the way from the idea and the initial small quantity produced in the lab, to efficient production quantities that are needed for commercialization. Alagene provides fermentation and bioreactors for various areas including: food-tech, defense, pharma, materials and more.

Scale out

Out-of-the-lab readiness is key for products that should be robust in terms of environmental conditions and are subject to regulation issues. When used in the field the differences between indoor operational and outdoor readiness is huge. Alagene will provide you with world-leading lab facilities enabling real-world conditions in experiments and data collection before field testing is possible. Customers will be able to test full system readiness within our unique facility, providing remote real time data collection.

R&D consultation: a bridge to academic leaders

As with any other innovative field, SynBio ideas rely on cutting-edge technologies. Alagene brings together many aspects of this ecosystem and enables customer friendly access to world-leading experts around the globe. Our tight connections with leading academic institutions and leading industrial bio foundries can save our customers time and money.